Emergency Contact

Perth Veterinary Emergency (PVE)
3/162 Wanneroo Rd
Yokine WA 6060

1 300 040 400

After Hours Emergency Procedures

Please try to ring ahead of your arrival at the centre. This emergency number can also be obtained by directly ringing our practice after office hours – there will be a pre-recorded phone message with the telephone number.

POISONS – If you suspect that your pet has eaten a poisonous substance such as rat bait or snail bait, try to bring the box or sample along with you for proper identification of the toxin.

Do not attempt to induce vomiting at home without any veterinary advice.

SNAKE BITES – If your pet has been bitten by a snake, do not attempt to suck any venom out and avoid tying a torniquet. Try to minimize movement while transporting your pet to the emergency centre. Try to identify the snake if possible and obtain a clear description (e.g. completely brown or striped with yellow and black bands). Do not attempt to catch or handle the snake. Take a photo if possible, using your digital or mobile camera to assist in identification. Dead snakes (or apparently dead snakes) can still have the potential to envenomate so please be careful.

ACCIDENTS – If there is excessive bleeding from the wounds, try to stop the bleeding by applying direct compression to the wounds using a towel or shirt. Transport your pet to the emergency centre as soon as possible. Keep movement of your pet to a minimum.

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