Orthopaedic Surgery for Pets

As a pet owner, you’ve done everything you can to give your pet the safest and healthiest life possible. If your pet is having joint problems or has suffered an injury, you can count on Your Pet’s Vet in Perth. Our team provides a range of orthopaedic surgery options.

Why Orthopaedic Surgery?

Traumatic accidents, degenerative conditions and even congenital or breed-related problems may all lead to the need for orthopaedic surgery for pets. You can rely on our team to help your pet get back on their paws again.

What is Orthopaedic Surgery?

This type of surgery encompasses any procedure that is related to bones or joints, aiming to heal or modify a range of problems. Orthopaedic surgery includes procedures such as fracture repairs, ligament repairs and spinal surgery.
Joint or bone problems could have occurred due to an accident or they may have developed to a point where they are painful and disabling for your pet.

Signs Your Pet Needs Help

If you notice that your pet is limping, doesn’t want to run or jump, or is having trouble standing up or lying down, they may be experiencing an orthopaedic problem that requires attention. If your pet has been in an accident, you should treat the situation as an emergency and bring them into our practice to be assessed.

Services We Offer

Our veterinarians are highly experienced experts that practice in a fully equipped surgical environment. This allows us to perform a variety of orthopaedic surgical procedures that your pet may require. These include:
Complicated orthopaedic cases such as spinal surgery will need to be referred to a specialist orthopaedic surgeon. Our veterinarians will assess each case individually and provide the best advice for you and your pet.

If you have any questions or concerns about surgery for your pet, please call us today or visit our pet clinic in Perth. Phone us on 08 9271 3671 to arrange an assessment or talk to our team.

Give your Companion a Healthy Life

You can email us at contact@yourpetsvet.com.au with any non-emergency related query.​