Desexing dogs and cats is a very common surgical procedure. Also known as neutering, this procedure prevents your pet from being able to reproduce and is a part of responsible pet ownership.

In male pets it is commonly referred to as “castration”, and in female pets, it is referred to as “spaying”. The most common age to desex your pet is after 6 months of age but recommendation can vary depending on breed . Please call us for more information and advice.

The Benefits of Pet Desexing

There are many benefits to desexing your pet at the right age. They include:

Safe and Professional Pet Desexing in Perth

Desexing dogs and cats is the most frequent surgery performed by our vets. Generally, your pet will be home safe and happy by the evening of their surgery.
Our friendly and caring veterinary team will aim to make your pet feel at ease in our vet clinic. We provide a compassionate and gentle approach throughout the desexing procedure.

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