Ophthalmology Referral

Veterinary Eye Referrals

Dr. Rob has been working in referral eye practice since 1997. During this time he has worked and studied with specialist veterinary ophthalmologists in Melbourne and Brisbane in Australia and in London and Bristol in the United Kingdom. He has also studied with specialist human ophthalmologists in Perth, including directly with the ophthalmology teams at Fremantle Hospital and Perth Children’s Hospital.
Advanced eye surgeries that Dr. Rob regularly performs at Your Pets Vets Inglewood include complicated entropion correction (rhytidectomy) and reconstructive eyelid surgery (Dziezyc-Millichamp procedures), corneal and conjunctival grafts and transplants, laser surgery (cancers and glaucoma) and phacoemulsification cataract surgery.
Dr. Rob regularly donates his time to perform charitable work with the RSPCA and wildlife carers, and frequently performs vision restoring cataract and vitreal surgery on young orphaned kangaroos. He has also performed successful eye surgery on snakes, turtles, koalas and possums.
When not working Dr. Rob is an enthusiastic cyclist and loves to travel. He has two children, three cats and a dog (all of whom are badly behaved).

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