Meet Our team

Our team has been involved in the local community for more than 25 years, providing care to all kinds of pets , from dogs and cats to some that are a little more exotic.

Not Just a Team

We're a Family.

Our veterinary team are mature and experienced and have been with the practice for many years. We consider our patients as if they were our own and have formed lasting relations with our clients and their pets over the years.

Practice Owner

Dr. Scott Read (BSc BVMS)

Graduating in 1990 Scott soon found himself as the practice owner of the Mt Lawley Vet Clinic and the Inglewood Vet Centre in 1993. Eventually he amalgamated the two practices into the current facility which is Your Pets Vet – Inglewood in 1999.
The practice has grown from 2 vets and 2 nurses in 1993 to its current purpose-built status, employing 4 full-time General Practitioners, 2 Eye Referral Vets, a dedicated Practice Manager & 13 Registered Nurses…Read more

Dr Robert Harris (BSc BVMS)

Dr Robert Harris runs an ophthalmology referral service at Your Pets Vet – Inglewood… Read more

Dr Jason Smith (BSc BVMS)

Jason was born in the UK but spent his schooling years in Perth, obtaining his veterinary qualifications from Murdoch University. Jason worked as a qualified veterinary nurse for 14 years… Read more

Dr Sean Teo (BSc DVM)

Sean was born and raised in Singapore, but later moved to Perth in 2014 to study veterinary science after having completed a degree in finance and economics in Bristol… Read more

Elodie Gouthey (RVN AVN ACPR Certified)

Originally from France, Elodie fell in love with Australia and her lifelong dream of looking after animals became a reality when she joined the YPV team… Read more

Dr Courtney Bragais (BSc DVM)


Courtney was raised in Singapore and from a young age, has always known she wanted to be a vet. Having had dogs, hamsters, fish and even terrapins growing up, she spent a big portion of her childhood caring for and learning about animals...Read more

Give your Companion a Healthy Life

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