Michael grew up always with a house full of dogs and cats and although always loved animals, he hadn’t quite realised he wanted to be a vet when he graduated from high school, and studied commerce, becoming a chartered accountant.

When he was travelling through India in 1994, he came across a dog shelter in Rajasthan, managed by some Australians. He stayed there for a couple of days and helped walk dogs etc. He then travelled on to London, where he worked as an accountant. During this time, the Indian dog shelter wrote to him, asking if he could manage their shelter for 3 months, as their manager was leaving. Michael immediately resigned from his accounting job and started working at the shelter, doing everything from feeding 1-day old puppies, to scrubbing in and assisting with dog spays. He then realised that he was meant to be a vet and when he returned to Australia, applied and was accepted into vet school at the age of 29.

Michael has rescued many dogs and cats over the years and has a particular love of Rotties and Rottie crosses. He currently has a rescue bull terrier cross named Cleo, a rescue Rottie cross named Ben, a 20-year-old rescue cat named OJ and a 3 legged rescue cat named Pascal.

Michael has worked at many animal shelters over the years, including the RSPCA and Swan Animal Haven, and volunteers every 2 years at the animal shelter in Rajasthan, which led him to be a vet.

He loves travelling overseas and tries to take his dogs to the Peasholm Street dog beach several times per week!

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